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Theory Test Training Course Offer In Essex

Learning to drive? Wanting to start your lessons? Ready to book your practical test?

Have you passed your theory test?

You need to pass this before you can book your practical test.

The theory test is an important part of getting to know the rules of the road, you will need to demonstrate that you know the various aspects of being a safe driver. Understanding road signs, priority of road users, being a courteous driver, not causing hazards to other road users, how to deal with an emergency, what to do in an accident and the list goes on.

The theory test requires hours of revision and learning, many people find that they struggle to be able to learn on their own, or do not understand the way the questions are asked. WE CAN HELP

Did you know only 57.7% pass their theory test (latest yearly figures) the percentage of those who pass their theory test first time is less than half of the overall figure.

Our average pass rate for students who have completed our face to face training course is 97.5% (January 2023). Our proven techniques and training abilities show how the national figures can be improved with our help. Our training courses teach you from the basics of recognising a road sign to the hazard perception, all guided by our tutors who will ensure that you understand each section before moving on to the next.

Our students receive:

Our face-to-face courses are available daytime, evenings, and weekends. Training is carried out over 4 days. Check out our course dates for latest availability.


We cover the whole of England through our easily accessible face to face zoom training sessions.


Credit Cards Accepted
FAST TRACK THEORY TESTS at Theory Test Training Course Offer In Essex


If you are looking at passing your theory test quickly, we can offer fast track training one to one as well as group based with your theory test at the end of the training. Allowing you to benefit from all our in-depth training, practice modules and mock tests to help you on your way to passing your theory test.

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Driving Theory Test Training Courses In Essex

If you are looking to pass your theory test to help you on your way to become an independent driver then look no further WE CAN HELP

We specialise in training students with classroom based theory test classes. We hold classes via zoom with live training with your tutor to support you all the way through your training up to your theory test.

Our qualified tutors will teach you easily and faster with our proven techniques, giving you confidence when taking your theory test. With so many people finding that they are taking multiple attempts to pass their tests, our course could help to eliminate this if you follow our teaching structure.

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If you have a test booked within the next 4 weeks, please check we have availability on a suitable course date prior to booking your zoom theory test training.

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